Requesting Funds for Clubs and Organizations

This application should be used by recognized and chartered student clubs/organizations, special programs, and/or campus departments to request student equity and achievement funding for events, workshops, guest speakers, and webinars that focus on diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and accessibility initiatives for Fullerton College students.

  1. Read the A.S. Appropriation of Funding Overview and Criteria and complete the A.S. Appropriation of Funding Application form.
  2. All funding requests must be submitted to the Associated Students Office or Student Life and Leadership Office at least 6 weeks before proposed event or project. No exceptions!
  3. All funding requests will be forwarded for review at the next A.S. Finance Committee meeting, at which time a representative may be asked to provide more context or detail about the funding proposal.
  4. Review and discussion will begin at the A.S. Finance Committee meeting and recommendations will be forwarded to the A.S. Senate for final approval.