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Please visit the Associated Students Office in Room 222 I (714) 992-7118

Campus Activities

A.S. coordinates campus events and activities by partnering with clubs and other organizations. The Activities Committee led by the Vice President of Activities and Inter-Club Council President spreadhead monthly Club Rushes. These “rush” events in the FC Quad promotes clubs, student organizations, upcoming events, and other resources on campus.

Student Life

Students who purchase A.S. Benefits every semester can go to all FC Sports games for FREE! A.S. partners with Athletics to tailgate and support our student-athletes as much as possible.

Faculty of the Year

Student leaders appointed by the Student Senate and Faculty members appointed by Faculty Senate screen all eligible FOTY nominees. The Top 3 Finalists, and FOTY Winner are honored in a reception sponsored by the Associated Students in April.

Leadership Training

The Student Senate appoints official representatives to various campus, district, and State committees every week. These committees tackle issues and projects ranging from accreditation to study abroad. Members are expected to give input, research solutions, draft reports, and keep the Student Senate updated on their committees’ progress and actions.