Fall 2022 Elections

Please use the following link to vote in the Fall Elections from 09/19/2022-09/23/2022:


Candidates for Associated Students President

Candidates for Vice President of Student Senate

Leah Han

Chloe Serrano

Candidates for Vice President of Finance

Rogelio Ramirez

Yeadam Kim

Candidates for Vice President of Activities

Audrey Villescas Madriz

Dhalan Vijayakumar

Rida Zar

Candidates for Vice President of Records

Naylea Ayala

Judith Quintana

My name is Judith Quintana and I am a Business Major. This is my second year at Fullerton College and I am excited for this semester. Last year I was a student Senator and this year I hope to become the Vice President of Records. Last year I gained experience by being the VP of the Judicial Committee, the Secretary of the Communications Committee, in the SEAC Committee, the PBSC Committee, Students of Distinction Distinguished Student of the Year Selection Committee, and occasionally participating in other committees. I was able to see what was going on at Fullerton College and helped make decisions pertaining to the future of Fullerton College. The Vice President of Records must chair the Judicial Committee and as mentioned earlier, I was a part of it last year. I was able to see how the meetings were conducted and what the chair did on a weekly basis. As such, I believe I can suitably fill in the role for the VP of Records and would work hard to complete the responsibilities and duties required. Being part of Student Senate was a rewarding experience and I hope to continue as the new VP of Records. Thank you.

Courtney Stellman

Candidates for Student Senator

Autumn Alverson

Angelica Arreguin Vasquez

Andrew Elizondo

Estefania Alvarado Salinas

Jolene Enriquez

Jennifer Tran

Dear Associated Students:
My name is Jennifer Tran, a first year undergraduate student majoring in biology. I have a strong interest in being a student senator due to my familiarity with leadership positions.

During highschool, I was a board member of two campus clubs. Both positions allowed me to become confident in my communication, time management, and adaptability skills; therefore, I am extremely comfortable in team settings. Additionally, I cooperated with my members to plan campus events, volunteer events, and informatory meetings for our general members. These positions also allowed me to grow my experience in problem solving by using constructive criticism to improve our club’s functions and communicate effectively with my team members. Receiving constant feedback from general members allowed my team to continuously improve our events. Students felt more inclined to participate once they noticed changes were embedded.

I hope to attain the student senator position in order to continue to grow my leadership experience. The success of a student government lays on the ability of all members to hear and act upon the demands of the student body. Thus, working alongside other students, I hope to improve Fullerton College’s environment and provide the student body with a voice.
It would be an honor to join the Associated Students.

Best regards,

Jennifer Tran

Kayla Cho

Hamza Soboh

For Word Document versions of pages 14 of the General Election Packet, please see below:

Page 14 – Financial Statement – To Be Submitted After Elections Are Over